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Fundaçao Eugénio de almeida / Albuquerque Design

Web dedign / Development | App's | Business


Cartuxa is a brand which belongs to Fundação Eugénio de Almeida, acting as an umbrella-brand for the Adega Cartuxa and saw the need to innovate on the sector.1111

A dynamic and diferentiated website was developed, run by a backoffice which also integrates the management of mobile applications, developed for the general public.
For Cartuxa vendors and partners, a dedicated application was built, Cartuxa Pro, so they can easily access all Cartuxa products. The same for the associates of the private club,  Clube Pêra Manca 2000, creating an exclusive area.
All applications were developed for iOS, Windows and Android operating systems, both for smartphone and tablet devices.

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